Marketing Services

For business needs large or small, short-term or long-term, we offer a range of services designed to support
your objectives and deliver value. 

Flexibility, Productivity and Scalability---Our Expertise at Work for You

Generating high quality content represents an ongoing challenge.  Implementing strategic plans, launching new products, entering new markets and engaging new audiences all require the consistent delivery of content.  We offer a spectrum of services to support your plans—backed by our expertise in developing original material, effectively distributing content, and curating content in alignment with client objectives.

Whether you need to generate high quality content or support for taking a full-funnel approach to your marketing initiatives, we offer a flexible range of services.  From copy development to full-scale planning and implementation of integrated marketing plans, we are ready to apply our expertise in support of your objectives. 

Point Solutions

Point solutions from Bluewater Consulting allow you to select services at the point of need.  When you’re up against deadlines, point solutions enable us to rapidly add value while you focus on other tasks. 

From brand building to lead nurturing, we are ready to contribute to your success in content marketing. Simply choose the services most applicable to your needs.

  • Content strategy and content marketing plan development—essential for enterprises beginning content marketing programs
  • Defining buyer personas, documenting buying roles and responsibilities, and mapping to target market segments
  • Copy development—establishing eloquent, engaging content for deployment through a variety of channels.  Capabilities include content creation for the following channels:
    • Product collateral
    • Articles Blogs
    • Case studies
    • eBooks
    • Email campaign material 
    • Newsletters
    • News releases
    • Podcast scripts
    • Social media posts
    • Video scripts
    • Webinar scripts
    • Website copy
    • White papers
  • Content curation

Campaign Planning & Support

With Campaign Planning & Support, we provide the resources needed to help your project take flight.  Our end-to-end approach enables us to add tangible value, ensuring messages resonate with your audiences and fostering engagement with your brand.  

The first step in Campaign Planning & Support involves a marketing assessment to ensure your marketing plan contains the elements needed to deliver business results.  Don’t have a marketing plan in place?  We can help you build one.

  • Marketing Assessment—Does your marketing plan map to your business strategy?  Do the plan elements support strategic initiatives and enable competitive differentiation?  A marketing assessment uncovers the areas needed to create a solid foundation for your approach to marketing.
  • Audience Segmentation & Persona Development—Once business objectives are well-defined, segmenting your audience establishes a clear path for content development and influences the determination of delivery channels.  Documenting audience personas and mapping them to decision makers within your target markets guides the development of inspired content that resonates and leads to engagement.
  • Content Development—Establishing rich content aligned with the informational goals of audience personas facilitates brand engagement and nurtures leads as they move through the funnel.
  • Content Delivery—Tuning delivery channels to the formats in which personas are most likely to engage with your message is crucial.  Optimizing message visibility through SEO also plays an essential role.  We offer complete support for the identification, setup and deployment of content through a wide range of delivery channels across owned, earned, native and paid platforms. 
  • Measurement & Analytics—Analyzing response and engagement is crucial.  We apply tools and experience to the interpretation of campaign results, supporting message refinement and delivery optimization. 

Integrated Marketing Services

Integrated Marketing Services from Bluewater Consulting offer a comprehensive approach to marketing.  Perhaps your enterprise has just completed the development of a strategic plan and you need support to establish a full-funnel approach to marketing.  For businesses entering new markets or launching new products into competitive markets, Integrated Marketing Services provide the support needed to achieve rapid results.

Scope of Services

  • Marketing Assessment
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Brand Identity Development/Brand Refresh
  • PR Strategy
  • Inbound Marketing Program Development
  • Content Development
  • Content Distribution
  • Measurement & Analytics

Bluewater Consulting offers proven expertise to help you achieve your business objectives.  We've developed a guide to illustrate the services we offer and how they add value for B2B marketing programs.  We invite you to further explore our capabilities.